Injured Workers’ Advocates Convene: CAAA Releases eBook on AMA Guides 

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Rancho Mirage, CA - The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (CAAA), whose members represent Californians injured on the job, today convened more than 1,000 workers’ compensation professionals, the overwhelming majority advocates for Californians injured on the job, in Rancho Mirage for a four-day convention. As the Convention opened, CAAA announced the release of its first eBook, “The Pearls of the AMA Guides,” containing an unprecedented wealth of information, including practice tips, videos and analysis on how to navigate each chapter of the AMA Guides to evaluate permanent impairment for injured workers. “Our Winter Convention is one of our largest ever, and features numerous panels addressing a wide range of issues affecting injured workers’ claims,” said CAAA President Jim Butler. “Convention panels examine an unprecedented barrage of new regulations that require major changes in how we advocate for those injured at work. One panel evaluates the first year of Independent Medical Review (IMR) decisions, and another focuses on women in the workplace, and how we can better prevent and address their injuries. Cumulative trauma claims are under attack, and any limitations on those claims for repetitive strain affect working Californians.”

Los Angeles attorney Sherry Grant, and CAAA’s AMA Committee are proud to offer this unique eBook, which includes over 100 pearls of wisdom concerning how to obtain accurate and complete impairment ratings for California’s injured workers, along with comprehensive practice tips and links to critical source materials on the internet. “This eBook is a ‘must-have’ for physicians, claims professionals, judges and attorneys. You can highlight text, take notes, and email the documents herein,” said eBook lead author Sherry Grant. “We believe this eBook will quickly become the workers’ compensation community’s number one supplemental resource to the Guides and the go to authority for injured workers’ advocates’ practice.”
The Pearls of the AMA Guides eBook includes videos, charts and examples drawn from actual cases. The eBook is available on iTunes for $149.99.
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