Education at Conventions & Seminars

These members are responsible for choosing the topics, speakers and syllabus materials for CAAA's semi-annual conventions. They go through great deliberations to make sure that the topics for the convention are cutting edge and are of interest to the workers' compensation community. They also work closely with the Seminar Committee so that these programs compliment and not duplicate those of the conventions. CAAA's Education Director, Julie L. Chavez, is largely responsible for putting together the syllabus for both the conventions and seminars.


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Committee & Chairpersons
Chairs Members Members
Elliot Berkowitz
Russell Glauber
 Convention Co-Chair South
Alan Gurvey
  Convention Co-Chair South
Barry Gorelick
Art Johnson
 Convention Chair North


Bert Arnold
Bernard Baltaxe

Jamie Berenson

John Bloom
Jim Butler
Donald Cash
Brad Chalk

Sarah Carr
Bernardo de la Torre
Adam Dombchik
John Don
Ron Feenberg
Philip Flickinger

Zach Frost
Keith Gilmetti
Bret Grove
Robert Havens
George Henderson

Barry Hinden

Stephen Hinden
Tom Martin
Edward Ortega

Christel Schoenfelder
Jill Singer
Richard Smith
Jeffrey Stern
Larry Stern
Jamey Teitell
Dennis Thomas

Chris Viadro
Brad Wixen
Jeffrey Wolfert
Alex Wong
Robert Wyman

Julie Chavez

Mark Gerlach

Christel Schoenfelder


Sub Committee - Ed-Tech Committee

Chair Members
Chris Viadro

Bernard Baltaxe

Brad Chalk

Adam Dombchik

Zachary Frost

Nikki Mehrpoo

Jason Marcus

Julie Chavez

Tessie Fox

Mark Gerlach