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For over 45-years CAAA continues the fi ght to maintain the rights and dignity of injured workers. Together we stand strong against the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and those who would deny injured workers their Constitutional rights. We work tirelessly to make signifi cant, positive changes in Sacramento.  As an organization we remain active participants in the political, judicial and regulatory process that impact worker’s compensation. Together with our legislative advocacy team, CAAA is looking ahead to 2012 and beyond, working with Governor Brown and the leadership in the legislature. Our recent affi liation with the Teamsters proved advantageous to CAAA and we will continue to develop mutually benefi cial relationships with others; as evidenced by the participation of the California Nurses Association at our recent Strategic Planning meeting in San Francisco. Additionally, we are actively involved in assisting the Administration in their selection of commissioners on the WCAB.

We can’t accomplish these goals without your help. The revenue generated from your dues payments provides CAAA with a professional staff and consultants who are vital to the organization and its goals. In addition, your dues renewal provides you with continued membership discounts at both of our excellent conventions, January in San Diego and June in San Francisco, as well as fi ve additional educational programs throughout the year. We need you to renew your membership today, support CAAA’s PAC and become active participants at our conventions and educational programs.

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California Applicants' Attorneys Association