L.A. Labor On the Move
This May Day, Fight
for Workers' Rights!
This year on May 1, May Day, immigrant workers in Los Angeles are doing more than marching for immigrants' rights, they are taking action at work. Hotel workers, janitors, LAX airport workers and sanitation workers will all hold May Day actions at their workplaces that will culminate with the annual march for immigrants' rights in downtown L.A. in the late afternoon.
On this May Day of Action, join sanitation and recyclying workers at American Reclamation (pictured above) who do the dirty work of sorting through commerical waste. They are treated worse than the garbage they sort. Poverty wages. Hazardous working conditions. No benefits. Firings.
These workers want a union. On May Day, we will rally with them at American Reclamation to support their fight for a union.
WHEN: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 11:00AM
WHERE: American Reclamation located at 4560 Doran St., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Contact: Hector Saldivar at hsaldivar@launionaflcio.org or (213) 381-5611 x136.
For Cesar Chavez Day
Hundreds March On
Pomona College
On Cesar Chavez Day, more than 500 L.A. union members, students, professors and community activists marched through Pomona College in solidarity with 16 immigrant dining hall workers who were fired while organizing with UNITE HERE Local 11 last December. 
Following the march, fired dining hall workers and supporters held a 'Banquet in the Streets' in the middle of campus. Electricians of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11 cooked carne asada. Grocery workers of the United Food and Commericial Workers Local 1428 served the food. Music was provided by Quetzal and mariachis.
One of the fired dining hall workers, Juan Gonzalez said, "The students and workers came together to make conditions better in the dining hall and to form a union. Workers at Pomona College deserve better. It's time for peace from the Administration and to let the workers have a union election."
From L.A. to Quebec:
Solidarity with
Locked-Out Workers
On March 31, several L.A. union members of USW Local 675 and ILWU Local 13 joined 8,000 marchers in Alma, Quebec to demand Rio Tinto end the lock-out of the steelworkers at the Rio Tinto Alcan smelter. Much like in Boron, California, Rio Tinto has waged an all out war on its Alma, Quebec workers demanding massive cuts and insisting that from now on jobs will be contract, low-wage work.
In 2010, Rio Tinto locked-out almost 600 ILWU miners in Boron, CA. After a major labor battle, the miners won.
'Prosper LA' Takes Over
Rotunda of L.A. City Hall
On April 3, hundreds of labor, faith, community and elected officials filled the rotunda of L.A. City Hall to support the unveiling of 'Prosper LA,' a newly formed coalition and economic recovery plan for Los Angeles. Eight campaigns have come together to form one coalition and one program for shared prosperity--Prosper LA. 
During the event, banners were dropped from the rafters for the Don't Waste LA, Construction Careers, Destination LA, Good Grocery Stores, Clean and Safe Ports, Repower LA, Good Jobs LAX and Get Healthy at Home campaigns while workers, environmentalists and community groups cheered.
If the L.A. City Council adopts the Prosper LA plan, we will create 48,900 new good jobs and improve 163,500 more jobs in LA.
Janitors Take to the Streets
to Vote for a Strike
On April 5, over 1000 janitors of SEIU-United Service Workers West took to the streets of Century City to vote for a strike against the 1%. Tom Walsh, President of UNITE HERE Local 11, Mike Miller, Vice-President of I.A.T.S.E., Ron Herrera, Executive Secretary of Teamsters Local 396 and Maria Elena Durazo of the LA County Federation of Labor pledged labor's full support if janitors strike.
Following the strike vote, janitors led a march with their families and supporters through the streets of Century City.
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