Labor Committee

This committee coordinates events and communicates with organized labor to maintain a good working relationship in a united effort for the betterment of workers in California. Our cooperation with labor is critical to obtain our common goals.


Committee & Chairpersons
Chairs Members
Scott Ford
Steve Scardino
Sam Swift

Bert Arnold

Bernardo De La Torre
Richard Felton
Michael McKenna
Robert Sherwin    
Robert Taylor
Rob Vines
Jim Yoro

Mike Herald

Steve Hopcraft

Richie Ross

Todd McFarren


Sub Committee Public Safety

Chair Members
Sam Swift

David Dugan 

Arjuna Farnsworth

Frank Rankin

Steve Scardino

Bob Sherwin

Bob Taylor

Robert Vines

Larry Whitting

Alex Wong

Mark Gerlach

Richie Ross

Diane Worley