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The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (CAAA) is a professional legal organization that deals mainly with California Workers’ Compensation Law. CAAA is not a law firm. As a professional legal organization/association, CAAA’s membership is partially made up of individual lawyers. The fact that a lawyer is a member of CAAA does not mean or imply that the lawyer is affiliated with any other CAAA member or non-member for the practice of law.

The listing of any law specialty by a member of CAAA does not indicate any expertise therein, nor does it represent that the legal services to be performed would be of greater quality than the legal services performed by other lawyers. A specialty listing is an indication by the member of the area(s) the member practices law. Membership in CAAA or its Chapters is not an indication that the lawyer is a specialist or an expert in that area of law. All potential clients are responsible for their own research and evaluation of any lawyer, member of CAAA or not.

Any information obtained from CAAA’s Membership Directory is provided by the members and is not guaranteed by CAAA to be accurate or valid.

Licensing information may be obtained on The State Bar of California website. Please use their Attorney Search field.

Under no circumstance will the CAAA State Office or CAAA offer any legal advice or recommendations. Under no circumstance will the CAAA State Office nor CAAA offer mediation or counseling. The CAAA website is not a lawyer referral service. CAAA merely provides information on its members to assist in your choices in selecting an attorney. CAAA is not responsible for your selection of an attorney. You are solely responsible for your own actions in selecting a lawyer.

No part of this directory may be reproduced, photocopied, entered into a computer database or copied in handwritten format without the prior written permission of CAAA. By using the CAAA Membership Directory, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.