In order to support the hundreds of thousands of app-based drivers in their quest to become employees and obtain the legally required benefits and protections that come with employment, we've put together some materials to support the No on Proposition 22 campaign.

On November 3, voters will be asked to approve a new employment classification through Proposition 22, a ballot initiative funded by Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other app-based employers. These companies want to create this new classification for their drivers so they don't have to pay for their standard benefits & protections, including a minimum wage, paid sick leave, unemployment insurance & workers’ compensation.

Rather than comply with Assembly Bill 5, which requires these companies to classify their drivers as employees, they're hoping to convince voters to approve Proposition 22 so they can continue mistreating their drivers. They've so far poured over $110 million into their campaign and will far outspend labor groups who are rallying to oppose the proposition.

Join us in helping to educate voters on the reality of what this proposition is really about. We've put together a printable and shareable flyer, social media graphic and sample messaging that you can share with clients and post to your personal and/or company social media channels. Click the links below to download the materials and help spread the word from now until November 3.

Thank you in advance for your support. Vote #NoOnProp22.

Download No on Prop 22 Flyer

Download No on Prop 22 Social Media Messaging with Graphic

Download No on Prop 22 Sample Letters to the Editor