Get Ready for SB 863.  

CAAA's 863 Committee members highlight changes to your WC practice, provisions and operative dates.  Watch the webinar and learn about operative dates for the many different provisions of SB 863; what to do to make sure your vocational experts' testimony is considered under the changed rules; how home health care is affected; how Utilization Review and Independent Medical Review should be approached; AME/QME issues; and, how Vouchers and Medical Provider Networks have changed.



Presenters and topics are:



Mark Gearheart, Esq.

SB 863 Operative Dates

William Herreras, Esq

Vocational Experts

Marc G. Marcus, Esq.

Home Health Care

Lawrence Silver, Esq.

Utilization Review (UR) Changes & Independent Medical Review (IMR)

Joseph Capurro, Esq.

AME/QME Issues

David Rockwell, Esq.

Vouchers & Other Issues

Adam Dombchik, Esq.

 Medical Provider Networks (MPN)


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