Understanding the Basics of Workers' Comp

Beware the Ides of March! 
On March 15, 2014, CAAA brings you a seminar for all paralegals, staff and attorneys with 5 years or less experience on the basics of workers’ compensation.  This is a basic seminar that includes topics such as understanding AOE/COE and a lot of the alphabet soup we deal with in workers' compensation, including wage loss, earnings and TTD.  We have a superb lineup which will get you all you ever wanted to know.  We don't want you to have a heart attack the first time you appear in court after deposition, or deal with a heavy-handed opponent.  You will get to know the courtroom, at an MSC, status conference or trial. Our judge has been in practice for many decades.  Finally, there will be a discussion of the electronic age of EAMS, practice, filing etc.  We have a superb lineup of which will get you all the information on workers compensation you ever want to know.

Mark it down. Make sure the three witches from Macbeth don't get you on the Ides of March.

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Understanding the Basics of Workers' Comp

♦ The Benefits, AOE/COE
    TD, Earnings, Wage Loss

♦ Medical Basics
    The spine
    Knees and how to get a decent rating
    Upper extremities

♦ New Technologies
    Using computers and iPads at the WCAB
    Paperless Offices
    Client privacy

♦ Preparing for Trial
    Where to sit, what to say; etiquette at the WCAB
    Preparing witnesses
    Preparing trial documents
    Direct vs. cross examination
    Offers of proof

* Program subject to change

This program has been approved for 4.0 MCLE and Legal Specialization credits by the CA State Bar. #1279

Panelist Information

Southern Panel

    Elliot Berkowitz, Esq., Moderator
    Arthur Lipper, M.D.
    Charles Rondeau, Esq.
    Frank Christine, Esq.
    Hon. Robert Spoeri
    Jo Anne Tsutsui
    Jill Singer, Esq.




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