Thank you for registering to attend the 2020 CAAA Winter Convention in Rancho Mirage.  Whether you are a registered attendee or a registered exhibitor, you will have access to the electronic version of the syllabus.  Please read below for some important information regarding the syllabus.

Please download AND SAVE the syllabus to your electronic device prior to leaving for convention. 

Download Syllabus


  • You must be logged in to your account.  If you do not believe you have registered for an account, click here and select I forgot my username or password and enter your registered email address
    • DO NOT CLICK CREATE AN ACCOUNT - You will be creating a second account that does not hold your registration to the event.  This means you will not be able to access the syllabus.
    • If the email address being entered does not work, please contact the CAAA office at 916-444-5155
    • You do not need to be a member of CAAA to obtain a account

Also, please remember to scan your badge  before each panel begins. The scanners will be placed at the entrance of the ballroom. CAAA is required to abide by certain protocols for MCLE, Legal Specialization and DWC QME credits.  The following will be enforced at the 2020 Winter Convention:

  • CAAA cannot award retroactive credits.
  • It is up to the attendee to notify CAAA staff if there is an issue with scanning their badge AT THE TIME THE ISSUE OCCURS.
  • No partial credit will be awarded for any session.
    Credit will not be awarded after scanners have been turned off. 



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