Women’s Workplace Injuries Symposium
February 12, 2014 - 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
Presented by CAAA’s Women’s Caucus and Co-Hosted by California’s Legislative Women’s Caucus

Choose from the video link(s) shown on the right in the video box below.  The Headlines video is about 10 minutes long and the Highlights is a 30 minute summary.  The videos include excerpt statements from legislators, regulators, labor leaders, workplace safety advocates, and injured workers’ attorneys examining the causes of working women’s on-the- job injuries, and building upon recent research to recommend policies and practices to reduce, and better address, women’s workplace injuries. 

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Topics, handouts and Schedule

The videos include: Senators Hannah-Beth Jackson and Ellen Corbett; Assembly Members Toni Atkins, Lorena Gonzalez, and Cristina Garcia; Christine Baker, Director, Department of Industrial Relations; Commissioner Ronnie Caplane, Chair, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB); Melissa Brown, Esq.; Injured workers Yaa Asantewa, Millie Melum Sorrentino, and Jana Rountree; Lynne Brown, Esq.; Maureen Miner, M.D., President, California Society for Industrial Medicine (CSIMS); Deputy Labor Commissioner Gloria Ramirez; UFW Legislative Advocate Esperanza Ross; Dorothy Wigmore, Occupational Health Specialist, Work Safe; CAAA Women’s Caucus co-chairs Christel Schoenfelder, Jamie Berenson, Lauren Belger, and Susan Medina; and CAAA Director of Policy Implementation Diane Worley.





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