Join CAAA as we support the effort to help put an end to systemic racism and gender discrimination by allowing more diversity in public employment, education and contracting decisions through the passage of Proposition 16. 

California is one of only 9 states that bans equal opportunity policies in hiring and education. Proposition 16 would reverse the ban and allow elected leaders the ability to design programs that provide good jobs, better wages, and access to great schools for all Californians.

To help support this effort, we've put together a few materials you can share with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Below are links to a printable and shareable flyer, social media graphic and sample messaging you can download and share on your personal or professional social media channels. Click below to download the materials today and help spread the word about the importance of bringing back diversity and equal opportunity for all.

Thank you for supporting the effort to create a more fair and just California for all of our state's residents. Vote #YesOnProp16.

Download Yes on Prop 16 Flyer

Download Yes on Prop 16 Social Media Messaging with Graphic

Download Yes on Prop 16 Sample Letters to the Editor