Media Advisory: DeSaulnier Bill Prohibits Insurers from Penalizing Ethnic Minorities, Women, Older Workers Bill Responds to Dollar Tree, Other Bias Cases
On Wednesday, March 25th, Sen. Mark DeSaulnier will present to the Senate Industrial Relations Committee his SB 145, sponsored by the California Applicants Attorneys Association (CAAA) to ban race, gender and age discrimination in awarding disability compensation to workers injured on the job. SB 899, Governor Schwarzenegger's workers' compensation bill, is being interpreted to permit discrimination against California workers based on their age, race and gender. The measure allows insurers and doctors to reduce permanent disability compensation awards based on gender, race and age. Compensation to disabled workers has been cut by millions each year due to this discrimination.
"SB 145 would ban reducing disability compensation based on factors such as age, race and gender. Currently, insurers and doctors are reducing permanent disability insurance payments based on age, race and gender. Discrimination has reduced compensation to disabled workers by millions of dollars," said Sue Borg, Legislative Chair for CAAA, whose members represent those injured at work. "It's past time to ensure that all injured workers are treated equally by insurers in compensating permanent disabilities from work injuries."
Posted 03-27-2009 9:52 PM by caaaAdmin

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