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Posted on: Mar 13, 2017
Every day, you get calls from your clients expressing their frustration with their workers' compensation cases: their medication has been denied; their surgery hasn't been approved; they can't find a doctor willing to see them.
CAAA has been highlighting the problems with the delivery of medical treatment in the workers' compensation system for years, and this week another investigative journalist has discovered the challenges that many injured workers face when trying to obtain treatment for their injuries.
Karen Foshay, an investigative reporter with KCRW public radio in Santa Monica, released a segment of KCRW Investigates last week called "The Future of Work: Denial of Care".

In her piece, Ms. Foshay speaks to an injured worker about his constant treatment denials and his struggle to find a doctor willing to treat him.

She also interviews CAAA member Richard Smith, an attorney in San Bernardino, who tells an all-too-common story of the lack of doctors willing to treat injured workers.

CAAA encourages you to listen to Ms. Foshay's story and share it with your friends and colleagues.

"Sadly the burden has shifted to injured workers to prove they need the medical treatment recommended by their doctor in too many cases", says Jason Marcus, President Elect of our Association. "This has caused lengthy delays that is hurting the system when it is often later proven that the medical care should have been provided in the first place. There are thousands of these stories."

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