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Posted on: Apr 17, 2017
Happy Monday
When you are home tonight, enjoy your family or whatever your favorite TV show or book may be.
But please take a moment to send CAAA an email that we can share with the 36 CAAA members who took two days away from their practices and flew to Sacramento at their own expense to join in CAAA's Lobby Day.  We call them the "V36" - the 36 Volunteers.
CAAA's staff has arranged for these 36 volunteers to meet with 54 State Legislators.  Teams of our volunteer CAAA members are going to lobby six bills - eliminating apportionment to pregnancy, ending the exclusion of day laborers from workers' compensation, stopping fraud by doctors that threatens CTs, extending TD benefits, effectively funding additional financial assistance to workers who can't get back to their pre-injury jobs, and ending UR/IMR for injuries resulting from workplace violence.
Senate Labor Committee Chairman, Senator Steve Bradford will meet with our "Volunteer 36" for dinner tonight.  And Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon will join the "V36" for breakfast Tuesday morning.
Wish the CAAA "V36" good luck.  We will report back next week!
To view CAAA's Letters of Support regarding these bills, please click the links below: