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Posted on: May 1, 2017

The Sacramento sausage factory is in full productions.  Deals.  Double-cross. And duplicity.

CAAA is up to the challenge.  And far beyond the b.s.  CAAA is focused...on stopping what's bad and moving what's better.

Our Teamster/CAAA Return-To-Work-Fund bill moved again...this time out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  Our day laborers bill is alive (on life support) but watch what happens.

Wednesday this week is show-time...will Adam Gray's CT Reform bill survive against the odds?  Don't bet against him.

Christel Schoenfelder - the founder of CAAA's Women's Caucus and current President is flying to Sacramento too.  She is determined to crack open the sexist apportionment regime that penalizes women for...being women (having babies and all the other stuff women do). 

May 3 is a big day.  What's on your schedule?  Anything bigger for our clients than what Assemblyman Gray and Christel are going to try to do?  If not, call the CAAA office and we'll tell you how you can help...that day, by phone, no b.s.

It's put up or shut up time.  We gotta' shot at winning, right now...this week.  You in?