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Posted on: Jan 27, 2020

In their "World of Cumulative Trauma" report released in 2018, the WCIRB described those suffering from cumulative trauma as workers who don't speak English, make less than $500 per week and work in the hospitality and manufacturing industries, mainly in Southern California.

That's who they are on paper - just another bean to be counted by the insurers' accountants in hopes of further padding their profits while blaming low-income workers for getting injured while working the toughest jobs.

But in reality, they're real working people who just want to get the treatment they need to heal, get back to work and earn a living with dignity.

We'll continue to shine a light on their stories in hopes that the insurance industry might see them as actual people and understand the vital lifeline that cumulative trauma claims represent when there are no other options.

These are the real faces of cumulative trauma: