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Posted on: May 9, 2017

Dead End Jobs

CAAA continues to fight to win Workers’ Compensation coverage for California’s 40,000+ day laborers.  The latest statistics on “dead end jobs” – jobs where workers end up literally dead should add a sense of urgency to our efforts.

Latino workers make up 36% of California’s workforce… but now, nearly half of those who are killed at work.

The agricultural worker fatalities doubled.  Construction, where day laborers are employed, jumped by one-third.

Latino worker fatalities went from 130 in California to 178 in one-year.

Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes was a member of CAAA.  The victims of the terrorist slaughter in San Bernardino are Eloise’s constituents.  Not surprisingly, Assemblywoman Reyes is pushing legislation on behalf of workers who are victims of violence on the job.

Here is what is surprising… workplace violence accounts for 41% of women who die at work.

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