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Posted on: Jun 12, 2017

As we digest the Orange County DA's indictments of 10 Workers' Compensation attorneys for fraud, the easiest thing to say is "if"... if these lawyers are found guilty of a crime.

Due process must be respected.  Presumed nnocent until proven guilty.  

Valid when it comes to crime.  

Irrelevant when it comes to racism.

There's nothing "iffy" about the racist nature of what these lawyers and their co-conspirators did whether they are found technically guilty of a crime or not.

The schemers targeted immigrants, exploited their language barriers, betrayed their trust, and discarded them like used paper towels. 

The racism was insidiously masked behind other brown faces and native language.  

Oh yes... there's still the small matter of $300 million taken out of the that honest lawyers and good doctors need for immigrants whose injury rates are the highest because the jobs they do are the hardest and their wages the lowest.  Exploited at work.  Deported at will.  

Heck, day laborers don't even have the right to Workers’ Compensation - and the insurance industry is fighting CAAA's bill to change that.

Plenty of racism to go around.