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Posted on: Jun 26, 2017
The Department of Industrial Relations is addicted to delay... every legislative proposal to speed up medical care for accepted injuries faces DIR's refrain - "hold off...too soon...things are getting better...let's wait and see...we need another study."
So the police officer who needs back surgery after getting hurt in a high-speed chase sits at home waiting...the department where the officer works has to pay overtime to backfill for the officer waiting at home... And DIR increases its budget by millions without adding Workers' Comp judges to actually speed up the bogged down process.
"An opioid epidemic is what happens when pain is treated only by pills."
                     Washington Post
                     December 23, 2016
Workers' Compensation Costs...the stronger the opioid, the higher the expense...10 times higher costs with OxyContin.
                     New York Times
                     June 22, 2013
All of this raises an important question: Does DIR's addiction to delaying care result in more opioid addiction?
DIR - addicted to delay.  Injured workers - addicted by delay?