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Posted on: Jul 3, 2017
Women resisted and won the right to vote.  African Americans resisted and won their Civil Rights.  Workers resisted and won their right to a union.
As President Trump ramps up his cruel deportation machine, resistance can grind that system to halt.
If immigrants know they have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, the Trump deportation machine would become so overburdened that it would cease to function.  And while resistance won't save every immigrant, it will keep millions of families intact and millions of hopes alive.
CAAA Members represent more undocumented workers than any organization of lawyers in the country.
And while we don't practice immigration law, we can help those who do.
We can give each of our clients who may be undocumented a letter:  "To Immigration Authorities:  This firm represents (name) in their pending Workers' Compensation case.  We are securing legal representation for our client from a State Bar Certified Immigration Specialist.  Please be advised that our client can not be required to say or sign anything until their immigration attorney is present."
Click here to find an immigration attorney for your client:
We can download the new nationally recognized "Nada Nada" immigration rights telephone ringtone to each of our client's cell phones by clicking below and following the simple download directions.  It's free.
Resistance Worked.  It Can Again.