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Posted on: Aug 7, 2017
Maybe like Florida...where Trump won.
Or maybe like Texas...where oil companies run the place.
Maybe Illinois...where one politician after another is serving time in prison.
Or how about Mississippi where public universities are...well...not exactly as good as the University of California.
How can California claim its rightful place as the world leader on climate change...the leader in technology...first state to invest taxpayer money in stem cell research...first place to raise the minimum wage to $15...the one state with the strongest gender pay equity in the nation...the only state where farm workers are paid overtime...the place that defied the religious right and issued marriage licenses to gay couples...the state that is making itself a sanctuary for immigrants...
How can some California leaders turn around and use the "other-states-don't-do-this" argument to justify attacks on our progressive Workers' Compensation coverage for cumulative trauma injuries caused by repetitive tasks that permanently wear out parts of workers' bodies?
Other states don't do what California does because they aren't as progressive as California is.
California's political leaders brag - as they should - about all of our "best-in-America" public policies. California's humane recognition that repetitive tasks create cumulative trauma to those who harvest our food, clean our hotel rooms, build Teslas, drive trucks, check out groceries, or keypunch data makes our state a better state.