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Posted on: Aug 14, 2017

Federal Immigration Agents and Crooked Lawyers are attacking the Halls of Justice.

One crooked lawyer has admitted in court documents that he would help immigration
authorities raid deposition locations where undocumented immigrants were
scheduled to testify against employers who cheated them out of wages.

California's Labor Commissioner reports that Trump immigration agents are coming
into state offices to round up immigrants who are seeking justice and protection from
wage theft.

What do these documented events mean for undocumented workers' willingness to
pursue their rightful legal claim to Workers' Compensation? What will California do
about it? What will CAAA do about it?

There is only one answer: we must resist.

CAAA's leadership has directed our team of consultants and lobbyists to work with
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher on a new law to disbar lawyers who use
immigration agents to deprive workers of their rights.

CAAA's leadership has directed our team to work with State Senate Leader Kevin
DeLeon to keep federal immigration agents out of our courtrooms.

If CAAA can't protect the actual Halls of Justice, our clients will never get justice.

CAAA is a volunteer organization. Our members represent more immigrants than any
organization of lawyers in America. Will you volunteer to fight this fight?

Will you write a letter to Governor Brown asking him to help?

If you do, it will help. If you don't, it's on you.