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Posted on: Sep 11, 2017
On August 3, the Los Angeles Times reported that Trump's ICE Agents have gone to several of the state Labor Commissioner's 16 offices in California "to apprehend undocumented workers."
In response, Labor Commissioner Julie Su issued a directive "instructing staff members to refuse entry to ICE agents." 
Commissioner Su told her staff to tell agents "to leave our office, including the waiting room, and inform the agent(s) that the labor commissioner does not consent to entry or search of any part of our office."
If agents refuse to leave, Commissioner Su instructed the staff to demand a search warrant signed by a judge before allowing them on the premises.
Commissioner Su explained her action:  "There is no doubt that allowing ICE to freely enter our office would have a substantial chilling effect on the willingness of workers to report violations and participate in our fight against wage theft."
CAAA believes that Commissioner Su has it right.  We hope that DIR Director Christine Baker will agree to issue exactly the same instructions - for exactly the same reasons - to her staff at all Workers' Compensation Appeals Board offices.
It's time to "Su" them all.