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Posted on: Sep 12, 2017
In exclusive interviews with three of the 20th century's greatest deceased authors, CAAA has tapped a treasure trove of insight into California's Workers' Compensation system.

Excerpts from these remarkable interviews...

George Orwell: "I just love the term Utilization Review. It's a perfect Orwellian name implying that something was utilized when in fact it's what they call a system that denies a person's ability to 'utilize' what is 'reviewed' without ever reviewing what might be utilized if it weren't denied before it was. I only wish I would have thought of it before California did."

Franz Kafka: "I had to make things up when I wrote The Trial. Everyone who wasn't an intellectual thought I was describing something that could never become. If only I had lived to see Independent Medical Review. It's perfect. Someone anonymous who you don't know is 'independent', you don't know is competent 'medically', and you don't know 'reviews' anything... is gifted the power to keep a person in the misery of pain...and get paid to do it. Perfect description of what I only imagined."

Joseph Heller: "Captain Yossarian uncovers a regulation that says he can be groundedfrom flying dangerous combat mission if a doctor finds him to be crazy. But then Catch 22. Anyone who doesn't want to fly dangerous combat missions can't be crazy. Farfetched? Not in California. People can't afford to retire. They keep working. A part of their body falls apart from overuse. I think they call it 'cumulative'. Anyway, they can't work. And now, 'someone(s)' say it's not their fault and they don't want to compensate the old worker...because they got old. Catch 22 lives!"