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Posted on: Sep 18, 2017
CAAA just proposed legislation - SB 183 - to ban federal ICE agents from entering state buildings, schools, or courthouses without a warrant.    Immigrant workers must be protected when they exercise their rights under Workers' Compensation.   
Hats off to CAAA's Latino Caucus, Senator Ricardo Lara, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher and CAAA's Legislative Advocate Alberto Torrico...
California's leading immigrant rights advocates have decided to follow CAAA's lead.    Maria Elena Durazo is CAAA's candidate for State Senate and one of America's labor and immigrants' rights leaders.    Maria Elena is all in!
CAAA is emerging as a civil rights leader in California.
NOTE:    Many of CAAA's members are funding Maria Elena's new DISOBEY TRUMP campaign... maybe you want to pitch in... together we will put ICE on ICE at the Boards.