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Posted on: Oct 30, 2017
Governor Brown has appointed George Parisotto as Administrative  Director. 
Here's what we know... 

George has been serving in the position for over a year as the "interim" AD. In dealing with CAAA, he has been responsive and thoughtful. Helpful when he can be, particularly on individual issues...but obviously it's a difficult position on issues that are more "political." 

Those systematic issues are handled by DIR Director Christine Baker and Labor Secretary David Lanier who both report to Governor Brown. 

Our experience tells us that as the Administrative Director George Parisotto will continue to be who he is...a person who takes his job seriously, looks into individual issues that we bring to his attention, and is sincerely helpful when he finds a worker who isn't getting treated fairly. 

It's probably not realistic to expect more...but we are pleased that he has never given us less. 

This certainly doesn't mean that we won't continue to push for meaningful system changes. And hopefully, as we continue to bring specific considerations to his attention he will continue to 
assist where he can and otherwise find a basis to weigh in on the issue with his "higher ups."
CAAA wishes George well. A good person in a difficult job.