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Posted on: Nov 6, 2017

Most of us will never know. Gun shots. An ordinary day at work becomes the last day of life for co-workers. Screams. Panic. Running away. First-responders running in.


Physical pain may end, but PTSD begins.  And then your employer denies you the help you need.

Nearly two years ago, some ordinary San Bernardino County employees lived through a terrorist attack at work. A year later, the news media exposed that the County government was stonewalling the medical treatment these injured workers were entitled to.

CAAA put up our Days of Denial clock - counting the days since the tragedy in San Bernardino and highlighting the denial and delays so many of our clients endure - workers perhaps injured in less dramatic fashion, but equally traumatized by an uncaring system and a shattered life.

Fortunately for the victims of the terror attack, as that first year "anniversary" approached, Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes - a CAAA member - was elected in San Bernardino.  Our clients were her constituents.  We teamed up.

Governor Brown has signed Assemblywoman Reyes' AB 44 into law.  It doesn't do all she wanted to do.  It doesn't go as far as we wanted to go.  But it is a small step in the right direction.

The Administration insisted on changes it felt necessary to better implement the provision of medical services to these victims and other workers who find themselves in similar circumstances in the future.

Now, it's in the hands of the Administration to implement the process in AB 44 to finally deliver these long delayed benefits.