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Posted on: Nov 14, 2017
Dear Candidates for Governor,
One of you will have an opportunity to improve California's Workers' Compensation by simply choosing people who will administer the system wisely.
Mayor Villaraigosa - Latino workers account for the majority of work injuries in California.  As a former Assembly Speaker, you know that the Legislature has passed laws requiring that non-English speaking consumers receive important legal information in their own language.  As Governor, you can appoint administrators who will finally carry out the law making all Workers' Compensation information available in Spanish.
Lt. Governor Newsom - As the one candidate to strongly advocate for single-payer health care in California, you understand that the people you appoint to run that system will determine its success or failure.  Today, Workers' Compensation is THE insurance millions of California workers must rely on when they are injured at work. The people administering that system can insure that medical care is properly delivered to tens of thousands of injured workers who are now routinely denied care by a state agency that has made a complete mess out of independent medical review and access to qualified medical examiners.  
Former School Superintendent Delaine Easton - We know of your long record as a champion of equity and equality.  Sadly, the people running the California's Workers' Compensation system have blocked new requirements that would eliminate bias against women who are injured at work during their pregnancy. These state administrators have even gone to court to defend their power to deny women any compensation for breast cancer resulting from toxic exposures in their workplace.  As Governor you can appoint people who can change this.
Treasurer John Chiang - After the recent massacre in Las Vegas, your call for gun law reforms has gotten the attention it has long deserved.   You undoubtedly remember the terrorist attack in San Bernardino two years ago that killed and injured county employees at work.  Too many of them faced painful and unnecessary bureaucratic denials of medical care they are entitled to under current Workers' Compensation law.  The failures of the current bureaucracy have become national news stories and resulted in Legislation this year telling the state agency to handle these cases correctly.   If you appoint better people, such legislation will never be necessary.  
If you need any more information on the pressing issues hundreds of thousands of injured Californians are facing in the Workers' Compensation system, we are ready to provide it.  We wish each of you well in the campaign ahead.