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Posted on: Nov 20, 2017
It's inspiring to see women in Hollywood and politics stepping forward to put sunlight on the dark corners where powerful men sexually harass and assault women.  
Some suggest that if these women had said something sooner there would have been fewer victims.  Easier said than done...particularly when one doesn't work in an oppressive and abusive environment.  
Shame.  Guilt.  Denial.  And economic threats.  All powerful motivators for silence.
What hasn't been discussed yet is the trauma - the psychological injury - women experience from the cumulative impact of repeated sexual harassment at work.
What is also finally being discussed is sexual harassment that goes on every minute against women working in the service economy.  Powerless women.  Usually of color.  And commonly immigrants.  Farm workers.  Hotel housekeepers.  Janitors.
Most of these sexual harassment cases never become "cases" at all.  They go on day after day.  Same violators.  Same victims.  Crushing trauma.  Permanent damage.   
This nonsense must stop.  The long-overdue moment has arrived. A Workers' Compensation system that treats women equally can play a small role in a big change.