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Posted on: Nov 27, 2017
Reuters News: 
"The Inequality Beneath the Sexual Harassment Headlines - the problem is worse in low-profile, low-accountability, and low-wage industries." 
California has the largest number of women working as janitors, hotel housekeepers and farm workers in the nation. 
Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the continuous nature of the injuries these women endure in the workplace should click on these important pieces of investigative journalism.    
FRONTLINE investigates the sexual abuse of immigrant women in the janitorial industry.
Nov 5, 2013 - Silenced By Status, Farm Workers Face Rape, Sexual Abuse ... Even though it's a warm day in California's Salinas Valley, Maricruz Ladino ..
1 day ago - The Hands Off Pants On ordinance protects hotel housekeepers from sexual harassment and assault.
CAAA's Women's Caucus has begun work on a webinar that will be available to working women throughout California - educating them about Workers' Compensation and their protections against employer retaliation.