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Posted on: Jun 1, 2021

The United Farm Workers and CAAA have a few things in common. Both organizations advocate for low wage immigrant workers. Both organizations are joining forces to fight sexual abuse in the fields. And both organizations oppose the Recall of Governor Newsom.

When CAAA wrote legislation to stop ICE Agents from using the buildings where our Work Comp cases are heard as traps to round up our undocumented clients, Gavin Newsom signed it.

When the UFW led the fight to for farm workers to have additional COVID sick days like other essential workers, Governor Newsom did it.

When the Work Comp insurance industry tried to use exaggerated COVID financial impacts to panic him into making anti-injured worker changes, Governor Newsom did not blink.

And as the UFW pushes for more access to health care for immigrants and CAAA pushes for faster medical treatment for injured workers, Governor Newsom expanded Medi-Cal coverage for more immigrants who were cut out of Obamacare.

We are confident that Governor Newsom’s demonstrated commitment to a fair and diverse California will lead him to more good decisions and better California for all. 

Article contributed by CAAA Political Consultant Richie Ross