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Posted on: Jan 15, 2018
The rumors are getting louder. Insurers want to take a sledgehammer to Cumulative Trauma injury claims resulting from long-term repetitive motion or toxic exposures. They will paint a dark picture of a bleak future...
Here are the facts they will leave out... 
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners says that the national average for profits on Workers' Compensation premiums is 4.6%...but in California it's 8.5%. 
Rates California employers are paying went down 17% in the last two years...a  continuing trend over the last 4 years..
California has the nation's lowest rate of opioid prescriptions in the nation. And  California medical provider fee rates have declined by 1.7%.
And while we fight the delays and denials of necessary medical care for our clients, we are glad that amendments we fought for resulted in indemnity benefit payouts 13% higher than they were in 2012. 
Much of what needs to be fixed can be fixed through competent administration of the system...sledgehammer legislation will hurt women, farm workers, older and construction workers whose jobs are repetitive... and everyone whose work can cause cancer after years of exposure.