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Posted on: Jan 30, 2018

For 95 years, people have attibuted this quote to Mark Twain.

But its real history predates Twain...and it couldn't be more true today than it was in 1854 in its original and anonymous form...

"Figures won't lie: but men that draw up the tables may."

Here is an insurance industry "table" being used in the attack on CT's right now.

Clever...cleverly deceptive

Look at the words under the chart. Statistics in disguise. Leading Legislators into falling for the industry's long-coveted conclusion of "crisis".

Here is an honest graph. DIR's actual data on CT claims filed by year. Nothing clever. No twisted use of percentages. Just naked numbers.

Number of CT claims filed in 2005---79,341

Number of CT claims filed in 2016---49,674

Hmmm. Pretty big drop in CT claims.

Looks like the only "crisis" is the one insurers are trying to cook up.