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Posted on: Mar 5, 2018
Seven years ago, then the leader of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Maria Elena Durazo came to CAAA's Strategic Planning Meeting.
She shared with us the compelling fact that hotel housekeepers have injury rates among the highest in the nation.  Lifting "heavenly bed" heavy mattresses, falling off the sides of bathtubs while trying to clean shower stalls, cleaning bathroom floors on their knees.
Maria Elena asked CAAA to lend our support and consultant team to help her write and push a bill in the Legislature requiring hotel employers to provide housekeepers with fitted sheets and long-handled cleaning tools.
We agreed to help. And we did.
As we started moving the bill through the process, DIR waved a white flag and asked Maria Elena to stop the bill in exchange for their commitment to address the safety issues through regulations.
Surprise #1... It took Christine Baker and her DIR years to deliver.
Surprise #2... They finally did it.
To the CAAA leaders back then, we say - Congratulations! Their leadership produced a genuinely good outcome for thousands of women.
Footnote: Maria Elena Durazo is on her way to winning her campaign for State Senate this year. A partner in the fight for injured workers!