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Posted on: Apr 9, 2018

We were told by the Department of Industrial Relations that the justification for many of  the "reforms" to Workers' Compensation were to combat fraud by injured workers. But last fall, the State Auditor General released their findings - fraudulent claims by workers  account for just 2% of the money lost.

We were told by DIR that Cumulative Trauma claims were rising and that more  "reforms" would be necessary. But then CAAA analyzed the DIR's own statistics and  found that CT claims had actually fallen by 37%.

We were told by DIR that the delays in implementing the Return to Work Fund was due  to their concerns about fraud. But then Rand issued its study that found that wasn't true either.

CAAA's leadership arranged dinner and lunch meetings with each of the major  candidates for Governor. We made the case that DIR's management of the system was the real problem.

On March 31, DIR's Director Christine Baker suddenly announces her retirement. 

Random events? Perhaps. 
Or maybe a constellation.