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Posted on: Apr 23, 2018

Last year, CAAA members expressed support for each of the three leading Democratic Candidates for Governor. Some members supported Antonio Villaraigosa while others were for John Chiang. And still others backed Gavin Newsom.
CAAA leadership decided to create Teams based on individual choices to vet each of the three candidates.
Lengthy meetings were held by the Teams with their preferred candidate with each meeting focused on problems in how the Workers' Compensation system has been administered.
As the June Primary election gets closer, both public and private polls show Lt. Governor Newsom leading all candidates in either party. Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and State Treasurer John Chiang are both within striking distance of finishing in second place and advancing to the General Election to face the Lt. Governor.
The polls all show that it is still quite possible that Republican businessman John Cox could finish in second place and face Gavin Newsom in November. However, no one believes that Republican Cox can beat Democrat Newsom, effectively ending the race in June.
Should Antonio Villaraigosa or John Chiang capture second place, there are a million theories and opinions advanced by "pundits" about how each of the three Democrats will prevail in November. We have never had two Democrats competing for Governor in a General Election as this is the first time that the election for Governor has been open under the new Top-Two Primary structure.
All of which suggests that CAAA's Team approach will prove to have been a wise one.
CAAA's Team members are active and engaged in the campaigns for their preferred candidate. But most importantly, CAAA's Teams have been respectful of the preferences of others. After all, everyone shares the same goal - a responsive new administration committed to making the Workers' Comp system function better on behalf of the injured workers we all represent.