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Posted on: Jun 4, 2018
After reviewing rates, the Department of Insurance has once again found that Workers' Comp insurers are:
1) Making higher profits;
2) Not lowering rates for employers.

Instead of a simple acknowledgment of these simple facts, the insurance industry responded with their same old song:
It goes like this...
"But. It may be a shame.
"But. We are never to blame."

They always have a "but." This time it's... "But according to us, Cumulative Trauma claims are up."
Here's the Department of Industrial Relations answer to their latest "But"...
The Department of Industrial Relations keeps track of claims. They report that Cumulative Trauma claims are down 37%.
Two Departments. One Conclusion.
Calling all advocates! We're introducing our new advocacy platform, VoterVoice.
This new platform will help give our members and supporters a voice at the table to help affect policy change. Please be on the lookout for "Action Alerts" notifying you to contact your representatives and encourage them to take action on legislative and regulatory matters.
It's an easy one-stop shop where you enter your home contact information and VoterVoice will automatically pair you up with your designated state and local elected officials. We'll have templated letters where you can easily add a personal note and send off with the click of a button.
We'd also love to communicate these alerts with you through text messages, but in order to do so, we need you to opt in. To receive alerts on your mobile phone, please text CAAA to 50457.
Thanks, advocates, we look forward to engaging you in our advocacy efforts so keep an eye out for "Action Alerts" very soon!