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Posted on: Jun 25, 2018
Last year, CAAA decided to sponsor legislation that would ban ICE (Immigration) Agents from coming into California's state buildings to randomly round up undocumented workers.
We did it to prevent the fear of Trump's increasingly aggressive tactics intimidating injured workers from pursuing their legal access to Workers' Compensation.
We wish that we were wrong - that the need for such a bill was overstated - as our opponents suggest.
Take a few minutes to listen to the anguish as the United States government rips babies from their mothers' arms and puts them in cages. Warning - this audio is so disturbing you won't be able to listen to all 7 minutes. Listen until your heart breaks. Click here.
Please don't embarrass yourself by telling us that Trump's Executive Order stops this.
That was last Wednesday's news.
Perhaps you missed Thursday's news. The day after the Executive Order was signed, the Pentagon was told to make preparations to house 20,000 more of these children.
Internment has begun.
And while there isn't much that CAAA can do about internment, we can continue to do all we can to protect injured, yet undocumented workers' rights in the buildings those injured workers must enter to exercise those rights.
SB 183 by Senator Ricardo Lara continues to move through the Legislature. Support from a growing coalition for CAAA's effort continues to grow.
While we may only end up being a footnote in this tragic chapter of America's history, it will be a footnote those who follow us will be proud of.
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