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Posted on: Jul 5, 2018
The Court ruled public employee unions can no longer collect fees from non-union workers that those unions represent.  These fees are different than union dues that employees who are union members pay.  The fees only cover the costs unions incur for negotiating and enforcing the union contracts that benefit union employees and their non-union co-workers.
The Court found collecting these fees from people who don't want to have anything to do with a union is an unconstitutional form of "compelled" free speech.
What the Court ignored however is the "compelling" impact their decision has on public workers who will continue to choose to pay their dues...
Since every employee - union member or not - has a legal right to everything in a union contract and the union has a legal obligation to equally enforce the contract for all employees in the bargaining unit...
Union members will now be compelled to pay for the legal representation a non-union employee will continue to receive.  So if a non-union employee is mistreated or fired unfairly, the union members will be "compelled" to pay for a lawyer to represent the non-union employee.
Imagine if the law required CAAA Members to pay for non-CAAA applicant attorneys to attend CAAA's seminars or convention to obtain MCLE credits?

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