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Posted on: Jul 16, 2018
The insurance industry's Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau has released its annual "State of the System" report.

It's a lot of words.

Premiums are lower. The number of filed claims is lower. But the "frictional" costs caused by IMR and IBR are higher.

What's missing in all the words is the truth - the insurance industry fueled the increase in their frictional costs when THEY wrote the IMR provisions in SB 863.
When CAAA told them (and everyone else) that their IMR scheme would end up increasing costs, they marginalized us and dismissed what we told them.
Their absolute control over the medical treatment review process has proved to be costly. It has delayed medical care for workers, increased TD duration and caused frictional costs to skyrocket to their highest levels in history.
Such a deal... that was good for nothing .
CAAA is proud to introduce our new Community Resource Guide for injured workers who may need to find helpful resources in their local communities.
Thanks to the work of CAAA's Women's Caucus, the new guide features various resources listed out by county, including links to county agencies, local foodbanks, and family & housing services.
Please share with your clients as an added benefit from CAAA, and if you have any other resources that you think should be listed, please send the links to
Click here to view the Community Resource Guide, or visit and find it from the main menu under "Resources."