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Posted on: Aug 13, 2018
The Workers Compensation Research Institute released a new study: Time from Injury to Medical Treatment: How States Compare July 2018.
The study examined claims resulting in seven days or more of lost time in 18 states.
As we suspect many states are s l o w.  
Some are s  l  o  w  e  r  than others.
But California?   S   L   O   W    E    S   T
The study ranked California as the slowest from injury to date of treatment following the initial medical exam. 
This study - from a neutral source - helped CAAA last Wednesday win approval by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee of our proposed State Auditor General review of delays in the system.  
While the debate about the causes of delay will continue, we are going to end the debate about whether or not delay is real.  
Legislators won't have to take our word for it because the evidence will prove that the alphabet soup of MPN UR IMR MTUS has been a recipe for physical and financial harm to working people. 
Jason Marcus
California Applicants' Attorneys Association

Dear President Marcus,

On behalf of the Disneyland workers our union represents, we thank you and your members for your support during our ongoing struggle with Disney.

We knew we could count on you. You are the largest organization of lawyers to partner with us on legislation to reduce the physical abuse that causes hotel housekeepers to have the highest injury rates in the hospitality industry.

This year at Disney, with your support, we believe our members will win their best pay raise ever.
Over the last several decades, the California Applicants' Attorneys have been among our most steadfast allies. You never patronize hotels where we have a dispute. You've walked away from signed contracts for your events when there have been struggles. And this year, you were willing to do so again for your CAAA Convention at Disneyland... and we've never had to ask you.

We thank you. We salute you. And we cherish your friendship.
Susan Minato
Executive Vice President
UNITE HERE International Union