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Posted on: Nov 26, 2018

Democrats won all the statewide elections, wiped out California's Congressional Republicans, and gained big super-majorities in the State Senate and Assembly.
But what happened?
Some say Californians fully embraced progressive politics. California moved to the left.
Or maybe not quite.
Proposition 10 to allow local rent control... got crushed.
Proposition 6 to repeal the gas tax... got crushed.
Hmmm. Mixed message... loud and clear.
Californians rejected radical politics...
From Trump's radical assaults on the environment and immigrants, to the left's over-reach on rent control and water bonds, and the right's over-reach on tax repeal.
California Common Sense.
Californians voted against "radical" - left or right. They voted for "reasonable" - left or right.
As CAAA develops its agenda to improve Workers' Compensation, we will succeed if we do what Californians just did...
Fix what can be fixed with fair administration of existing laws and regulations, and then tackle medical treatment delays with "California Common Sense."