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Posted on: Apr 15, 2019

Over 40 CAAA members descended on the State Capitol last week to meet with state lawmakers and their staff to discuss important issues facing injured workers.

Divided into several groups, CAAA had 68 legislative meetings to advocate for legislation to decrease delays in medical care, eliminate discrimination in disability rulings and ban civil arrests in California courthouses. 

In every meeting, CAAA continued its 6-year active campaign to resist calls from insurance carriers to reduce or eliminate the ability of workers to file claims for cumulative trauma injuries, a vital lifeline for many who are injured.

"We're essentially dealing with a system that is broken and has failed to deliver the necessary medical care to workers who suffer job-related injuries, whether by lack of accountability or blatant discrimination," said Jason Marcus, legislative chair for the California Applicants' Attorneys Association in a press release issued last week. "We've introduced legislation that will hopefully make an impact in jump-starting much-needed reforms to protect workers and save their families from financial ruin."

As we've stated many times over the last few years, insurance profits are up, employer premiums are down, and yet, those who get injured on the job are still enduring unnecessary and harmful bureaucratic delays in getting the medical treatment they need to get back to work.

Each of us should thank the CAAA members who volunteered their time and their expense to carry on the fight.