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Posted on: Jun 3, 2019

Everyone involved with the workers' compensation system understands "cumulative trauma."

But most policymakers don't, nor do many workers and their families.

Take 15 seconds to watch this video, then apply it to a normal every-day job.

Imagine a housekeeper lifting 20+ mattresses, each and every day, all by themselves. They don't have fitted sheets, making it even more difficult to lift and get that fitted-sheet look & feel that's expected of hotels and their guests.

Now imagine having worked that job for 10, 20, 30 years and your back or shoulders finally give out from the repetitive motion, leaving you with little option for future employment.

Insurance companies would rather throw you to the wolves than approve a cumulative trauma claim.

That's why we continue to fight for this vital lifeline.

Share this video and help people understand the importance of cumulative trauma in 15 seconds.