Two-Year Temporary Disability Limit Harms Severely Injured Workers
Extend Insurance for the Seriously Injured; Assembly Insurance Committee to Consider AB 947 (Solorio)
Temporary Disability insurance frequently ends before recovery from serious work
injury is complete. Workers who sustain severe injuries requiring surgeries often
take more than two years to heal. But after two years, even when not healed, these
injured workers lose the temporary disability insurance payments that are to
provide minimum income until they can return to work. On Wednesday, May 4,
Assemblymember Solorio will ask the Assembly Insurance Committee to extend
temporary disability insurance to the most seriously injured.
“I worked as a truck driver for 36 years. I injured my left shoulder in 2008 as I
tried to stop a steel rack from hitting me in the face. It jerked my shoulder and I felt
a sudden pop,” said David Cook, injured trucker. “After surgeries on both
shoulders, I am still in constant pain and have limited range of motion. Neither of
my shoulders is healed. My Temporary Disability has run out due to the 2-year
cap, yet I cannot return to work as a truck driver.”
AB 947 (Solorio), sponsored by the California Applicants Attorneys’ Association
(CAAA), would add injuries that require treatment that cannot medically be
completed within 104 weeks to specified injuries that could qualify for no more
than 240 compensable weeks of temporary disability within a period of 5 years
from the date of injury.
WHO: Injured Workers’ Advocate Linda Atcherley, CAAA; San Diego Injured worker David Cook
WHEN: Wednesday, May 4, 2011; 9:00 am
WHERE: Assembly Insurance Committee, State Capitol, Room 437
Posted 05-04-2011 2:45 PM by caaaAdmin

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