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Posted on: Sep 3, 2019

The WCIRB continues to target cumulative trauma claims as a growing problem and often dismisses the claims as frivolous and unnecessary...

Posted on: Aug 26, 2019

As our country looks to celebrate the achievements of the labor movement this coming weekend along with the hard work Americans put in every day, we remind everyone to remember those who get injured on the job...

Posted on: Aug 19, 2019

Six cents. Since 1975, workers' compensation charged premiums paid by employers have increased by only six cents...

Posted on: Aug 12, 2019

After three years of delayed implementation, and another four years of what can only be described as a slow roll-out, the Return-to-Work Fund still hasn't paid out the full $120 million allocated annually...

Posted on: Aug 5, 2019

Kudos to Cal/OSHA for taking steps to protect workers from wildfire smoke and heat-related illness.

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