To assist the Executive Board in the efficient management of goals and priorities, the California Applicants' Attorneys Association is organized into various committees with different jurisdictions. These committees provide resources and detailed recommendations to the Executive Board for action. Below is information on some of our Association's various standing committees.

Amicus Curiae Committee

Latin for "friend of the court", amicus curiae is someone who offers information to a court of law for consideration during the decision of a case. Our Amicus Curiae Committee reviews relevant cases and composes briefs on important appeals affecting workers in California. Association members may submit cases for review.

CHSWC Committee

The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation (CHSWC) is an appointed joint labor-management body at the Department of Industrial Relations charged with examining California’s workers’ compensation system. This committee’s mission is to review the work of CHSWC and help guide the Commission towards recommendations that help working Californians.

Communications Committee

Today’s world is a fast-paced environment in which we are increasingly dependent on the free flow of accurate information to act and make decisions. As such, the Communications Committee works to ensure that information important to the well-being of injured workers is conveyed to our members, legislators, and the public.

Education Committee

The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association is recognized for its exceptional educational programs offered at its renowned conventions and seminars. The Education Committee is tasked with curating the curriculum for these programs and is composed of the most studious attorney-advocates to ensure that subject matter is of the foremost legal perspectives.

Emerging Issues Committee

In 2012, sweeping reform of California's workers' compensation system was signed into law with the passage of Senate Bill 863. Our 863 Committee was formed shortly after to interpret and analyze the drastic changes. The committee was reformed into the Emerging Issues Committee in order to develop strategies and recommendations for future changes that might alter the landscape of the system.

Labor Committee

The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association proudly represents 25,000 union members every year and is a proud affiliate of the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council. As such, the Labor Committee’s mission is to set and pursue goals for our Association that support and compliment the progressive values of today’s labor movement.

Latino Caucus

Our Latino Caucus seeks to improve workplace conditions and outcomes for injured Latinx workers. The Latino Caucus meets its mission by educating Latino workers about legal rights, raising awareness of disproportionate impacts resulting from the system’s status quo, and advocating for public policy in the best interest of Latino workers.

Legislative Committee

Article XIV Section 4 of the California Constitution vests power to create and enforce a workers’ compensation system in the California State Legislature. Our Legislative Committee strives to serve as a resource to legislators by offering the technical expertise needed to thoughtfully enforce a system that benefits all injured workers.

Membership Committee

Develops a comprehensive program for recruitment and retention of new and existing members, by tracking trends and staying in touch with the needs of CAAA’s Regular and Associate members and working with CAAA’s various committees with the chief goal of ensuring that CAAA remain relevant as a professional association. The committee’s members act as “ambassadors” to prospective, new and returning members, administering the vetting process for membership approval by CAAA’s Board of Directors.

Regulations Committee

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) at California’s Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) is the arm of the executive branch that directly oversees the regulation of the workers’ compensation system. Our Regulations Committee diligently reviews proposed regulations and regularly provides the technical expertise to ensure proper administration of the system.

Women's Caucus

While women and men make up equal portions of California’s workforce, women are not treated as equals in the workplace. Gender bias is an epidemic that has crept its way into workers’ compensation. The Women’s Caucus is devoted to gender equality and eliminating gender bias from California’s workers’ compensation policies.