Release 1.4 includes:

Detailed analysis of the Cannon case, 14 updated Pearls and more! 


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The Pearls of the AMA Guides has 5 Star Ratings:

A great tool for the toolbox ★★★★★ 
by Sac WC lawyer 

If you practice workers' compensation in California you need this book. I use to prepare for doctor depositions, review doctor reports, and to make sure that my clients' impairments are being accurately rated using the AMA Guides (5th Ed.). The book is well worth the cost and for me is just as important as my Labor Code and my copy of the AMA Guides. --Jason Marcus, Marcus, Regalado & Marcus, LLP

Pearls of the AMA ★★★★★ by Jdgmnt1

I just finished writing a Trial Brief and found a true "Pearl" which made the brief. I can't tell you how great the Pearls are and I have used it in preparation for depositions and in drafting an Advocacy Letter to the QME's and AME's before either their examintion or a deposition. The "hints" and work that went into the Pearls show a level of sophistication above what I expected. The price of the IBook was returned to me in my first use of the only regret...get if on PC's not just Apple products....Would I buy it again? In a heart beat! L. Stern, Mallery & Stern

If you do California workers comp, you need this book ★★★★★ by Thomaslawyer
Every time I depose a doctor on an AMA impairment issue, I read this book. It will pay for itself in the first deposition.

Love everything about this book ★★★★★  by MelodiesMan

Everyone who practices workers' compensation law in a State that uses the AMA Guides 5th Edition needs this book.I learned more about the use of the AMA Guides from this book then any otherresource I have read. Plus the graphics pop off the pages and the videos and articles prove useful for depositions and trial briefs.

Thank you for this work of art ★★★★★ by R.Havens 

The Pearls e-book is a techno-legal masterpiece. I love it. Robert Havens, Hurtworker com

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Sherry Grant and the AMA Committee of the California Applicants' Attorneys Association are proud to offer this unique eBook which includes over 100 pearls of wisdom concerning accurate and complete impairment ratings for California's injured workers, along with updated comprehensive practice tips and links to critical source materials on the internet. This eBook is a must have for physicians, claims professionals, judges and attorneys. You can highlight text, take notes, and email the documents herein. We believe this eBook will quickly become your and the community's number one supplemental resource to the Guides and the go to authority for your practice!


Available on iPad and Mac.

Category: Law

Published: June 30, 2014

Publisher: California Applicants? Attorneys Association


Print Length: 280 Pages

Language: English

Version: 1.4

Requirements: This book was designed for iPad and some features may not work as intended with a mouse or trackpad. To view this book on an iPad, you must have iBooks 3 or later and iOS 5.1 or later.
Non-Apple Devices: The software used to create and distribute the book are Apple's. We are going to explore creating the book for other platforms later in 2014 but at this time are unsure if that will be doable.